You may already know that the best way to take your coffee from good to great is to have precise control over its water temperature and brew time – these same principles are equally true when it comes to making better-than-average tea.

The KitchenAid Glass Tea Kettle has five temperature settings, allowing you to choose the ideal temperature for whatever tea you’re brewing. Black tea, for example, is best made with hot water to draw out its full flavours, while green tea should be made with cooler water to reduce bitterness. The kettle boils quickly and quietly, plus it has a handy keep warm mode that you can use to keep your tea hot for up to 30 minutes after its ready.

You can brew loose-leaf teas directly in the kettle using the stainless-steel tea steeper, which is easily removed when your tea is finished steeping so you don’t over-do it. The kettle comes with a handy steeper holder, helping to minimize drippage when taking the steeper out.