Sour ales might be the most bizarre yet most compelling craft beer trend to emerge in recent years. These tangy, tart beers might take you by surprise at first sip but we've found them to be refreshingly addictive.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there aren't a ton of sours available at the LCBO. But one of the few options comes from Niagara's Bench Brewing. Citra Grove Sour is a tart ale made using a house blend of yeasts and bacterias like saison strains from Belgium and France, as well as lactobacillus and wild yeasts from Europe and the new world. "They're all working together to create a fruity, peppery, funky beer with juicy acidity," explains Joe Wells, Bench's lead brewer. 

This sour ale is partly named for its most prominent hop – the fruit-forward Citra. "We use hops multiple times when we brew Citra Grove, liberally dry hopping to bring out the punchy pineapple and citrus fruit character we want in the beer without leaving an overpowering bitterness at the end," says Wells. 

When sipping on Citra Grove, you'll notice plenty of tangy, tropical fruit aromas like pineapple, melon and orange which pair nicely with spicy dishes. The beer is available for a limited time at the LCBO and is best enjoyed fresh, although we doubt it'll last long in your fridge once you get your hands on it. 

$10.95 for 750 mL; LCBO.