The Norlan Whiskey Glass smartly combines the features of two glasses often used for whisky drinking, offering the casual look of a tumbler and the aromatic advantages of a Glencairn snifter (that’s the one that looks a bit like a wine glass). Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass, the Norlan Glass’ inner wall has a similar shape to a Glencairn snifter, while the outer wall resembles a typical tumbler. This two-walled design intensifies the colour of whisky added to the glass, making it appear richer and darker. It’s pretty darn cool looking and makes for a noteworthy conversation piece.

Four protrusions on the glass’ interior wall help to aerate the whisky when you give it a swirl. This more effectively removes the whisky’s sting, resulting in a mellower and more expressive taste. The curved shape of the inner walls also helps to focus the whisky’s aromatics to your nose, allowing you to better appreciate the more subtle nuances of your drink.

$48 USD;